CSGO Roster changes

Tue 6th Mar 2018 - 8:53pm E-Sports

Farewell but not goodbye.

Gilles 'iNk' Raccogli, decided to take a brake from the competitive CSGO scene.

A year ago, We Live Games started a new adventure with joining the E-sports scene and having our own CSGO team. We are proud of everyone who put their heart and passion into this project which lead to the success of the team and our goal to become better everyday. Sadly roster changes are sometimes inevitable and that's why we would especially like to thank Gilles 'iNk' Raccogli, for all he has done for We Live Games within the Team and behind the scenes. But no need to be sad, your favorite and best AWP LU will keep playing games!
iNk will stay in the We Live Games family and officially start our new Streamproject.
More infos about this will follow very soon!

In the same time we would like to welcome the young talent Noé 'nowayy' Schneider who will from now on play under the WLG Tag. Small interview will follow shortly! So stay tuned!




Steve De Sousa

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