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Thu 7th Apr 2016 - 12:29pm Game suggestions



Darklan :

Tomb Raider is a legendary series. It’s probably better known for its pair of spiky polygons than for the gaming it presented. Don’t get me wrong, the games weren’t bad but they weren’t stellar either.
BUT in 2013, Square Enix decided to reset the game completely and with the new Tomb Raider they blew everyone away.
Tomb Raider (2013) is such a good game. Lara Croft isn’t as sexualized as she was before and the story in this game is actually gripping. The gameplay is similar to the Last of Us, you can decide to go ham or play sneaky. The world is vast and you can explore it as you like, there’s also a progression system where you can improve your skills (weapons, survival skills etc…), so that’s pretty cool. The graphics are impressive and you can see that every corner of the world has been created with lots of dedication. For all of you guys who love quality adventure games (Uncharted?), be sure to check Tomb Raider out.


Kamui :

I played tomb raider since I was a child. At that time, the PS1 game looked amazing to me and I had a blast playing it with friends and family trying to solve the puzzles.
This game doesn’t just look amazing, but is incredibly fun and interesting to play. You’ll find a lot of nice and nerve breaking puzzles, cool new weapons and of course an interesting story.
If you’re a fan of the old adventures of lara Croft, you should definitely check out this game.
One of the few things that bothered me is that I found the game too linear. I think being able to move more freely in this type of universe would have been even better.







Steve De Sousa

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