Bioshock: Infinite

Thu 4th Jun 2015 - 12:43pm Game suggestions



Dizzy :

Bioshock Infinite is an amazing experience. The first foot I set in Columbia I was taken away. It's mysterious and entertaining and then the story starts to unfold piece by piece and your mind get blown away. The art direction, the music, the voice over, the characters, everything is a done with such a mastery that you don't get bothered by the flaws. Because yes, unfortunately there are a few. Starting with the game design. It's just boring. They give a sense of freedom with the hook and the lines you can hang on to with it but it's a false sense of freedom. You still get send to corridors. It goes like this: Corridor -> Arena/Fight -> Cinematic/Discussion between the cast-> Corridor -> and so on. Talking of the fighting, the only weapon that gave me a thrilling sensation or just even a sense of impact was the hook. I found that the powers you unlock through the game were for the most part bland and not really useful in the long run. But yeah I got so taken away by the story that I just rushed through those phases. The bosses are entertaining but there aren't that much and they don't put up much of a fight. If it wasn't for the dull gameplay the game would've earned the golden rating, but in this state it's still worth a whole lot more than most of the games out there.

Darklan :

I love the Bioshock series, I consider the first game in the series one of my favorite games ever so I had high hopes for the third one. Bioshock Infinite blew my mind. There are no games with a better story. From the moment you set foot in it’s world you get absorbed. The art direction is perfect. Everything is so unique. The characters of Booker and Elizabeth are in the same league as Ellie and Joel in Last of Us. The interaction between them is sublime. I like the game design, it’s true to the Bioshock world and even if it has some kind of comic look it really works. I don’t mind the fact that you partly play in corridors because it’s smartly done and for my taste doesn’t give the sense of narrowness. This concept gives the opportunity to focus on things which matter for this game: Interaction between characters and the story development. As for the story I won’t reveal anything because I’d spoil it. But let’s just say your mind is gonna explode, especially at the end. The gameplay is like in other Bioshock games, you either like it or hate it. I have to say it isn’t my favorite style but it does its job. I’d rather not say anything more than: Please do yourself a favor and play it, til the end. It’s a truly majestic piece of art and there won’t be many other games with such a compelling and intelligent story coming out anytime soon. Perfect rating for a perfect game.







Steve De Sousa

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