Luigi’s Mansion

Thu 9th Jul 2015 - 1:00pm Game suggestions
Kamui :

I fell in love with this game because of its originality. It has a very fun and original gameplay and story. The game gets harder over time but it has a lot of fun puzzles to solve. Each boss that you encounter will have different patterns which you will have to find out if you want to survive. Not much is left to luck in a boss fight. The other fun part is looking for the keys that allow you to open the doors of the manor you’re in. The animation of Luigi opening a door gives a touch of suspense and you never know what you’ll find behind each door.
The game has suspense, adventure and puzzle solving which is a perfect combination in my opinion.
The graphics were also very pretty, which makes the game even more fun to play. The only thing missing is a multiplayer mode, but they took care of this in their new game Luigi’s Mansion : Dark Moon for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s definitely a game you should try out.




Steve De Sousa

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