Counter Strike: Global Offensive

Wed 23rd Mar 2016 - 5:05pm Game suggestions


Darklan :

I love Counter-Strike, always have and always will. I started like many others in my age with CS:S and when CS:GO was announced I was fairly sceptical. When it came out, I hated it, the fact that it still was Counter-Strike but that it played differently than CS:S upset me (coupled with the fact that my aim degraded to 3%). I left it in my steam library for months and it caught dust. As I didn’t play the game competitively anymore and me and my friends found other games to play (League of Legends duh…) it was almost forgotten.

However, my craving for Counter-Strike suddenly came back and I started playing CS:S for fun again, and then CS:GO. I figured the mechanics quite quickly and fell in love with the game. I regularly play the game on ranked matchmaking but I don’t really play it competitively as I don’t want to invest the rest of my time in it, but I see the potential. The maps are designed cleverly, the game system is simple but effective and it is great for watching on streams. Teamwork is essential here and it is satisfying to win a match together in a team. The casual and ranked community sucks but that’s the case in most online competitive games, still you may find an exception once in a while.
The best thing in this game is, it has tons of different communities because it has different playmodes and community servers. It’s fantastic that Valve supports the community as it does, it allows custom made maps and mods which in turn allows CS:GO to offer something for everyone. You want to play surfmaps, zombie survival maps, jump and run maps, mario party style maps, werewolf like maps? No problem, you will find it.

And that’s why this game is awesome, for 14€ you will have a game which offers multiple games, just like CS:S, Minecraft, Warcraft 3 etc…
So if you need something fresh after playing Battlefield and COD for so long, give CS:GO a try, you won’t be disappointed.
Definitely, a 5 out of 5 gold!

 Hi-Lite :

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive or better known as CS:GO is certainly one of the TOP 3 Esports game at the moment.Even though it had a rough start with a lot of veterans refusing to switch from CS:S or even 1.6, Valve managed to keep pushing the number of active players constantly with a lot of gameplay improving updates. Especially the introduction of matchmaking and its ranking system!

I personally think this is the most interesting thing about Counter-Strike, the competitiveness. There are so many good players out there, competing each other in matchmaking, or 3rd party Leagues like ESEA, ESL or Faceit where other games like COD just can't keep up. It’s probably the most skill based ego-shooter out there and also the most difficult to perform at a constant high level. You can be Global Elite (highest ingame Rank) and still have so much to learn about the game !

If you are looking for more casual games, there are plenty of fun servers with community created maps/mods such as Surf, Zombie, GunGame, Arena, Heist missions and many more. You will definitely find something that will get you entertained, even if you are only looking to get off the matchmaking for a little while.
I could probably go on and on and keep talking about how CS:GO is my personal all time video-game but I think I’ll let you taste on your own.

For 13,99 € on steam you will definitely get a lot of value for your money and it’s definitely a must have in your library. I think it’s pretty obvious now, that I’m giving it a golden rating.




Steve De Sousa

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