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Thu 16th Jul 2015 - 12:24pm Game suggestions


It’s hard for me to stay objective since this is one of my favorite games, but I’ll do my best!
Final Fantasy X is amazing on so many aspects. The Playstation 2 version had already very pretty graphics, now the HD remake provides even more beautiful graphs.
Final Fantasy X is a turn based JRPG, so if you don’t like turn based fighting systems you won’t be very interested.
The story is very original and pretty sad (not gonna spoil you there don’t worry!). You’ll see how most of the important characters evolve mentally over time. A lot of games have character development but it’s not always important to the story. Here, you’ll see Tidus (the main character) facing a lot of dilemmas and changing his vision of the world as a whole. The story keeps you interested and the world is so big, that you can do pretty much everything. Since I’m talking about the world, yes, it is huge and you’ll face a big variety of monsters. Having a world this big, means you have a lot of stuff to discover, which I like very much.
Each character you’ll be able to use has a unique fighting style which makes the overall fighting parts more enjoyable.
A lot of people complained about Final Fantasy IX. Apparently it was too easy. Well, FFX isn’t all that easy. Some fights will make you farm in order to get higher levels on your character or even better gear. But guess what, farming isn’t all that boring in FFX.
Another great asset of FFX are its beautiful cutscenes. At some point you’ll feel like watching a movie.

To sum up, this game is awesome. It has pretty much all you want from a JRPG. The HD version provides an even better experience since they added some stuff and improved the graphics. If you’re a fan of JRPGs you should definitely pick it up.



Steve De Sousa

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