The Legend Of Zelda : Majora’s Mask

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This is my favorite Zelda game ever. I could write a novel about Majora’s Mask instead I’ll keep this review resumed in a few points:
This is the darkest Zelda game with the deepest story line and the most surreal world you’ll encounter. The gameplay is a step-up from Ocarina of Time which was a masterpiece. The mechanics around the limited 3 days are fantastic and everyday brings something new. There are so many interesting sidequests with inspiring characters. The soundtrack is fantastic. The end is fantastic. You have to play this game.


Paatronik :

Yet another Zelda game… and damn, this one is amazing too! After I finished ocarina of time I really wondered if nintendo would manage to surpass this game. Well, in my opinion they didn’t surpass ocarina of time, but they did one heck of a great job!This game isn’t just a new zelda story, but it welcomed a lot of new features such as the time dimension. In fact you’ll need to clear a certain amount of things in a certain amount of time. Not a lot of games at the time had such a system.
Majora’s Mask has an amazing story and is told in the perfect way. Of course you’ll find a lot of similar features in OoT and Majora’s Mask, but this game is and also feels like a whole new game.
I’m a huge fan of the Zelda franchise, so you won’t hear a lot of negative things from me. Even if I analyze this game in an objective way, I can’t find any negative points that would really affect my rating for this game. I had a blast playing this and it is a big part of my childhood. When I picked up the remake version for the 3DS, I really was happy and still got chills while playing this game.
If you like A-RPGs and/or the zelda universe, you need to at least try this game.



Steve De Sousa

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